Facilitating growth and efficiency: A-hub Malmö’s partnership with Qlik

Facilitating growth and efficiency: A-hub Malmö’s partnership with Qlik

As a leading provider of data integration, data quality, analytics, and AI/ML solutions, Qlik is committed to bridging the gap between data and business outcomes. Here's an inside look at how the collaboration with A-hub Malmö has contributed to Qlik’s journey. 

Haydée Bernal, Customer Experience Team Lead at Qlik, shares her perspective on the collaboration: 

"As a Customer Experience Team Lead, my role involves overseeing service delivery through Live Chat, ensuring our customers receive exceptional support and have a positive experience interacting with our live chat agents." 


A strategic partnership aligned with Qlik's vision 

Qlik's collaboration with A-hub Malmö began through recommendations from other departments who had previously utilized our services. A-hub's personalized approach and extensive experience seamlessly aligned with Qlik's requirements, leaving a positive impression on their team. 

Haydée emphasizes the impact of the collaboration on Qlik's operations:  

"Our partnership with A-hub has significantly improved our ability to meet our needs. They consistently ensure our satisfaction and the well-being of our student contractors. Their support with scheduling has simplified our daily operations, allowing us to focus on essential tasks." 

Haydée Bernal, Customer Experience Team Lead at Qlik

Haydée Bernal, Customer Experience Team Lead at Qlik

Success stories  

A-hub's contribution to Qlik's recruitment and staffing needs has been remarkable. Their student contractors quickly became proficient in addressing customer issues and prioritizing exceptional experiences. 

"During the summer, our student contractors managed almost 30% of all incoming chat volume while maintaining consistently high customer satisfaction levels. This demonstrated A-hub's ability to effectively handle challenging situations and prioritize customer needs.", Haydée shares.  

Insights on industry trends  

When asked about industry trends and challenges, Haydée highlights the shift to remote work and its impact on talent acquisition and retention.  

“One prominent trend is the shift to remote work, which has expanded talent pools and introduced more flexible work arrangements. However, along with these opportunities come challenges such as inadequate career development, lack of recognition, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Another crucial aspect is fostering a positive culture that values diversity and inclusion. Moreover, I believe that hiring for potential, rather than solely focusing on experience, is also crucial to attract and retain skilled personnel.” 


We are excited to continue our partnership further! 

For more information on Qlik's organization, visit https://www.qlik.com/us  

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