A-hub collaborates with the innovative school Hyper Island

A-hub collaborates with the innovative school Hyper Island

Hyper Island, a pioneer in education, and A-hub have joined forces in an exciting collaboration to accelerate learning and growth for the workforce of the future.

Hyper Island, founded in 1996 in Sweden, is a educational institution that transcends traditional learning boundaries. With a core philosophy of "learning by doing," it equips students for the digitalized workforce through real-life company cases and challenges. Specializing in digital media, creative innovation, digital transformation, and leadership development, Hyper Island's hands-on approach prepares students for leadership in the digital age by refining practical skills. Its innovative educational model has established it as a global leader in digital transformation and creative leadership.

What does it mean to be a learning partner?

Being a learning partner for Hyper Island means sharing their vision and values and working together to provide students with opportunities to develop and grow. By working on solving real companies’ cases and challenges, the students contribute to the future of these companies and industries, and the companies, on the other hand, contribute to the quality of the education. It’s the ultimate win-win setup!


A successful match

Victoria Todorova, Client Partner & Project Manager of Learning Partnerships at Hyper Island, shares her thoughts on the collaboration:

"What is of utmost importance for us at Hyper Island is to ensure that our students receive the quality education that will effectively prepare them for what awaits them in the real world after graduation. In order to make this possible, our Learning Partnership team has the overall responsibility of bringing in suitable companies to collaborate with our students throughout their educational journeys.

A-hub is one such learning partner that we are happy and privileged to have in our network. A-hub’s commitment to inclusivity and a human-centered approach aligns with what we stand for, so it didn’t take long to realize that they would be a suitable collaborator. Our ambition and goal is to always create a space where learning partners and students are able to learn from one another, explore new ways of working, and have fun, and A-hub provides just the right playground and possibilities for this to happen. Additionally, the fact that we have a former Hyper Island studens working there speaks for itself about the company’s culture. While our formal collaboration started in February 2024, we hope that it will continue in the future!"

Growth Hacking

In the course “Growth hacking”, the students learn how to master digital solutions and growth hacking techniques, enhancing user experiences from start to finish. By analyzing data, they gain insights to make strategic decisions and drive business growth. This collaboration between A-hub and Hyper Island has opened new doors to understanding how best to meet the needs of our clients and candidates in an increasingly digital landscape. It has equipped us with valuable insights that are crucial for navigating the challenges of today and tomorrow.

Student testimonials

Eliza Nåsén, student at the Digital Creative-program, reflects on her growth with A-hub:

My personal experience working with A-hub has been rewarding! The collaboration with real companies has given me a tremendous amount of experience and skills that I never got at university. A-hub has been very accommodating to me and my team who are just dipping our toes into the growth hacking skillset, and working closely with Isabella from A-hub who is a Hyper Island alumnus has been a comfort. The way that we work is very self-led and being given the space to work independently and have our process is important to us. In this course we have grown from knowing essentially nothing about growth hacking, to being able to produce fully-fledged briefs to our client! It is super exciting to have a company such as A-hub that truly trusts us as students to be able to produce something worthwhile

 Challenging the future of recruitment

Through our joint efforts, we've gathered insights that are reshaping the way we approach our target groups. This partnership has not only allowed us to adapt to change but also to actively shape the future of our industry. By challenging the status quo and embracing innovation, we are setting new standards for how an organisation within recruitment and staffing can contribute to the professional growth of individuals and the success of organizations. Most importantly, this initiative reaffirms our commitment to empowering every individual to realize their full potential.



To discover more about Hyper Island and their programs, please visit their website.

If you have any inquiries about this collaboration, don't hesitate to reach out at isabella@a-hub.se